Supportive Workplace Training Course for Managers and Supervisors


A Training Course for Managers and Supervisors

Give your managers the skills to support the mental health and wellbeing of your employees

The Supportive Workplace Course has been designed specifically for front-line managers and supervisors. It provides them with the right skills to support employees who may be facing personal struggles at home or in the workplace.

What is The Supportive Workplace?

The Supportive Workplace Course empowers managers to build a supportive workplace environment that promotes mental well-being. This seven-module online course provides training insight and tools to recognize and address the signs of low mental well-being among employees. It also offers best practices for effectively promoting employee mental wellness and work productivity. After completing this course, managers should be able to:

  • Lead an effective conversation on mental health-related issues
  • Identify suitable ways of support if one of their employees is experiencing a mental health problem
  • Practice self-care to meet their own needs, and
  • Apply long-term interventions to create a supportive and psychologically safe workplace environment.

What's included

  • 7 learning modules that deliver all the knowledge and skills needed to be a more confident and skilled leader capable of supporting employees’ mental health and well-being. (7-9 hours to complete at the learner's own pace).
  • Interactive activities, videos, scripts, demonstrations, and quizzes to enhance learning and give managers the skills to implement best practices in your workplace
  • A downloadable course workbook containing key concepts from the course and application exercises to enhance learning.
  • Full access to the course for 12 months

The Advantages

  1. AWARENESS. We give managers just the right amount of mental health and mental illness information to identify issues when they see them.
  2. BOUNDARIES AND GUIDELINES. We specifically address what the role of a manager is (and isn’t) in supporting and addressing employee mental health challenges.
  3. COMMUNICATIONS. We provide scripts and demonstrations on having confident conversations so they’ll know exactly what to say and not to say.
  4. LEADERSHIP. We help employees become more effective people leaders, giving them the skills and strategies they’ll need to create a healthy and supportive work environment.
  5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. We provide leaders with a Supportive Workplace Certificate to add to their portfolio and resume, demonstrating they’re skilled leaders for today’s workplace.