Support for Children/Youth – Witnessing Intimate Partner Violence


Witnessing intimate partner violence is as harmful as experiencing it directly.  The impact on children can vary based on their age, gender and developmental stage.  There could be both short term and long term effects, including:

  • Fear, anxiety, irritability, difficulty concentrating and angry outbursts
  • Emotional difficulties such as depression, worry, school refusal, withdrawal from social interactions, and difficulty in separating from their female caregiver
  • Physical complaints such as body aches and pains or illnesses with no known medical causes.

Thunder Bay Counselling provides services for children and youth who have witnessed intimate partner violence.

Tomorrow Without Violence Group

Tomorrow Without Violence is a group for mothers and female-identifying caregivers and their children and teens who have experienced intimate partner violence.

This group is for everyone to learn about the impact of intimate partner violence including physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse.

Mothers and female-identifying caregivers who attend will receive guidance on how to support their children’s healing. It provides a safe place to discuss the violence, begin to heal from its effects and learn that it is not okay and not their fault.

For more information and to register, call Janna (807) 683-4710.


Counselling is available at no cost for children aged 16 and younger.

Visit our Counselling & Psychotherapy page for more information about counselling.

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