Family Group Decision Making Training

Regional Family Group Decision Making Training – Thunder Bay, Kenora/Rainy-River

Thunder Bay
January 15, 16, 17, 2019

Presented by Lisa McDonald, a Family Group Conferencing/Decision Making Coordinator, Mentor, and Trainer, and an Indigenous Approaches Coordinator.

Make a difference to families in your community by becoming a rostered Family Group Decision Making Coordinator. Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) gives the extended family network a voice in the decision-making process that affects their children. FGDM Coordinators are impartial, and guide the FGDM process by helping to ensure that there is clear communication around concerns between the child protection agency and the family.  They help to ensure that the strengths and expertise of the family are acknowledged, and they prepare the family for their involvement in developing a plan of care for the children involved.    This is a family-led process that affirms the family’s culture, recognizes a family’s spirituality, and supports the rights and abilities of the family group in making decisions for its young relative(s).

To become a rostered FGDM Coordinator, individuals will complete the application and be screened for training, attend a 3-day training, and complete a mentorship with a rostered mentor. All qualified individuals across Northwestern Ontario are encouraged to apply. Cost of the training and materials is $650; subsidies for cost and travel may be available.

Please visit to view the qualifications and values of a Family Group Decision Making Coordinator. Call Thunder Bay Counselling (807) 684-1880 if interested in applying and attending the training.

Thunder Bay Counselling is interested in securing contacts with trained and rostered individuals to provide services on a fee-for-service basis. Completion of training and mentorship does not guarantee future contracts as the fluctuating need for service providers varies.