Addiction & Mental Health

Thunder Bay Counselling is a safe and judgment free place to work through substance use and mental health issues.If your substance use or mental health are having a negative impact on your life, relationships, career, finances or general well-being, please get in touch.

Our counsellors can provide confidential assessments and help you identify what makes you vulnerable to addictive substances and behaviours.

We understand that making changes can be difficult, but with our support, you can learn new ways of dealing with life challenges and reduce the negative impact of your use of substances.

Call us at (807) 684-1880 to learn more and to make an appointment.

Addiction & Mental Health Services:

  • Alcohol & Drug Assessment
  • Treatment Planning & Referral
  • Pre-treatment Stabilization
  • Case Management Support
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy

Breaking Free Online

Breaking Free is an online wellbeing and recovery support program that is FREE to use. It allows people to recognize and actively address the psychological and lifestyle issues that are driving their use of alcohol and/or drugs to help support their recovery. The program provides resources, positive coping strategies, and proven behaviour change techniques to support their long-term recovery.

Use the service code: thunderbaycounselling21

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Addiction & Mental Health Programs:

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